Sins, Sufferings and the Power of the Holy Name

Prabhupada has given a very simple definition of religion. Srila rabhupada, in one of his lectures defines Religion as “Law of God.” When we violate the laws of God, it is called sin. As the proportion of sins increases, suffering increases.

Our inherent nature is to remain happy. No one wants unhappiness. But due to the stock of our past and present sins, we are forced to suffer. This suffering can be stopped by chanting Hare Krishna because the holy name of God has the power to destroy our sins.

Therefore you find the Hare Krishna devotees chanting the holy name of God on the streets around the world. The passersby, even if they unknowingly hear the holy name of Krishna, they get immense spiritual benefit. Even trees, birds and animals get benefitted by hearing the transcendental sound vibration of Hare Krishna.

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Published by: Niraj Bidawatka