Krishna por Srila Prabhupada

Krishna explicou pessoalmente no Bhagavad-gita que Ele é a Suprema Personalidade de Deus. Sempre que há discrepâncias nos princípios reguladores da vida religiosa das pessoas e uma proeminência de atividades irreligiosas, Ele aparece neste planeta Terra. Em outras palavras, quando o Senhor Sri Krishna apareceu, havia uma necessidade de diminuir a carga de atividades pecaminosas … Continuar lendo Krishna por Srila Prabhupada

Krishna e a Colina de Govardhana

Govardhana é o nome de uma montanha sagrada que está intimamente ligada à história de Krishna. Certa vez, Indra, o rei dos deuses, que comanda os raios e as tempestades, duvidando do caráter divino do menino Krishna, convocou as nuvens da destruição universal em direção à vila de Vrindávana, onde Krishna morava e divertia-se com … Continuar lendo Krishna e a Colina de Govardhana

Mother Yasoda Binding Lord Krishna

Once upon a time, seeing that her maidservant was engaged in different household duties, mother Yaśodā personally took charge of churning butter. And while she churned butter, she sang the childhood pastimes of Kṛṣṇa and enjoyed thinking of her son. The end of her sari was tightly wrapped while she churned, and on account of … Continuar lendo Mother Yasoda Binding Lord Krishna

Birth of Lord Krishna

As stated in the Bhagavad-gita, the Lord says that His appearance, birth, and activities, are all transcendental, and one who understands them factually becomes immediately eligible to be transferred to the spiritual world. The Lord’s appearance or birth is not like that of an ordinary man who is forced to accept a material body according … Continuar lendo Birth of Lord Krishna

Prayers Offered by Lord Brahma to Lord Krsna

Brahmā said, “My dear Lord, You are the only worshipful Supreme Lord, Personality of Godhead; therefore I am offering my humble obeisances and prayers just to please You. Your bodily features are of the color of clouds filled with water. You are glittering with a silver electric aura emanating from Your yellow garments. “Let me … Continuar lendo Prayers Offered by Lord Brahma to Lord Krsna

The Stealing of the Boys and Calves by Brahmā

Śukadeva Gosvāmī was very much encouraged when Mahārāja Parīkṣit asked him why the cowherd boys did not discuss the death of Aghāsura until after one year had passed. He explained thus: “My dear King, you are making the subject matter of the transcendental pastimes of Kṛṣṇa fresher by your inquisitiveness.” It is said that it … Continuar lendo The Stealing of the Boys and Calves by Brahmā

A Fruit Vendor

One day, a fruit vendor came before the house of Nanda Maharaja. Upon hearing the vendor call, “If anyone wants fruits please come and take them from me!” child Krishna immediately took some grains in His palm and went to get fruits in exchange. In those days exchange was by barter; therefore Krishna might have … Continuar lendo A Fruit Vendor

The Killing of the Aghāsura Demon

Once the Lord desired to go early in the morning with all His cowherd boy friends to the forest, where they were to assemble together and take lunch. As soon as He got up from bed, He blew a buffalo horn and called all His friends together. Keeping the calves before them, they started for … Continuar lendo The Killing of the Aghāsura Demon

Killing the Demons Vatsasura and Bakasura

When the twin arjuna trees fell to the ground, making a sound like the falling of thunderbolts, all the inhabitants of Gokula, including Nanda Mahārāja, immediately came to the spot. They were very much astonished to see how the two great trees had suddenly fallen. Because they could find no reason for their falling down, … Continuar lendo Killing the Demons Vatsasura and Bakasura

Devastating Rainfall in Vṛndāvana

When Indra understood that the sacrifice offered by the cowherd men in Vṛndāvana was stopped by Kṛṣṇa, he became angry, and he vented his anger upon the inhabitants of Vṛndāvana, who were headed by Nanda Mahārāja, although Indra knew perfectly well that Kṛṣṇa was personally protecting them. As the director of different kinds of clouds, … Continuar lendo Devastating Rainfall in Vṛndāvana